When you happen to find yourself responding to messages with the same type of email, it’s time to consider canned responses in Gmail to send a set message automatically to specific emails.


Setting Up Canned Responses for Auto Replies

  • You can turn on canned responses by clicking the gear icon (Gmail Settings) to the right of the page and enabling Canned Responses in the “Advanced” Tab
    • Be sure to save your changes


  • You will then want to compose an email template.
    • You can simply click “Compose” like you are creating a typical email.
    • Click the “more options” button, which are the 3 vertical dots next to the trash bin.


  • Choose “Canned Responses” then click “Save draft as new template”



  • Type the name of the Canned Response, which you will refer to later to select a template for filtered messages you want to reply to


  • Click “Save” to save the template


  • Go up to the search bar and click the small triangle to the right to activate the drop down



  • Define your criteria to help set up the filter (for more info on filters and labels, click here)
  • Click “Create Filter”


  • You will want to apply your canned response auto reply to these filtered emails.
    • Check the box next to “send canned response”


  • Open the drop down menu next to “Send Canned Responses” and choose the one you want to send out


  • Click “Create Filter”


  • This filter will be stored in the Filtered and Blocked Address tab in your Gmail Settings.