If you spend a lot of time on Google Drive, creating new documents, sheets, slides and forms just got ten times easier. This week, Google introduced new shortcuts for Google Docs that allow you to create new files without having to access Google Drive directly in order to do so.

Here’s the rundown on all of the new shortcuts. To use these, type into the address bar of Chrome (or a lesser browser of your choice) and a new file will be created by your very eyes.¬†Google Docs

Google Docs

  • docs.new
  • Docs.new
  • Document.new


  • sheet.new
  • sheets.new
  • spreadsheet.new


  • slide.new
  • slides.new
  • deck.new
  • Presentation.new


  • site.new
  • sites.new
  • website.new


  • form.new
  • forms.new