The life of a real estate agent is nonstop. You’re traveling between showings and listing appointments, holding open houses, scheduling closings, and doing about a million other things throughout your day. The key to being successful is organization and having the ability to quickly respond to the needs of your clients.


As Google Cloud Partners, we’ve helped dozens of agents and teams become more productive through the use of G Suite. Here’s a look at the features our clients love most:


Custom Domain (


Look more professional with your own branding using a custom domain specific to your name or your team. Cohesive email addresses make for easier communication between your team and your clients.


Google Calendar


Spend less time planning and more time doing with shared Google Calendars. Agents and support staff can easily manage appointments both internally and with your clients. Add an address directly to your calendar invite to receive directions–great for meeting clients at a listing!


Google Drive


With Google Drive you can safely save, share, and collaborate on documents in real time. All of your important documents in one place, accessible from anywhere, on any phone, computer, or tablet.


Google Voice


Separate your work calls from your personal calls with Google Voice. Some of our favorite Google Voice features include:


  • Assigning a new phone number that will ring and answer on multiple phone lines (great for agents without a local number or those who’d like to safeguard their personal number)
  • Allows the phone number to be forwarded to any phone number (perfect for sign phone numbers)
  • Send and receive texts from cell phones, tablets, and computers
  • Transcribed voicemails to text
  • Ability to record phone calls