Before we go into how it’s the technological version of sliced bread, let’s first explain what G Suite actually is. G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) is a set of productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google. G Suite is comprised of Gmail, Calendar and Hangouts for communication; Drive for storage; Docs for word processing; Sheets- the best spreadsheet application out there; Slides for creating presentations; Forms and Sites for collaboration and CRM Management; Plus a whole lot more.

Introducing G Suite


How Do I Store my Photos?


Simply put: Cloud Storage.


Many photographers believe that physical storage is the best thing to do because they are worried about losing all of their hard work in the cloud somewhere. They are also concerned about the privacy of their data. So, choosing physical storage devices would be considered the safe route because better safe than sorry, right? Well….there is a bit of a lack of understanding when it comes to this. ANY storage device is liable to fail, not to mention if a photographer is going to outplay any data disasters, 2 or 3 copies of each drive would be essential. That’s a lot of bulk.


Google Cloud Storage

Previously, a downfall to cloud storage was the lack of access to any files that were not synced locally if you lost the internet. Thanks to the Google Cloud feature, you can download any/all of your storage so all of your data is accessible anywhere, at any time, with or without  the internet. But in today’s world, let’s admit it is a bit difficult to not find a place around that doesn’t have Wifi.


Some more advantages of G Suite’s Drive Storage:

  • There are a few different ways to view your files, some that are more ideal for pictures.
  • Don’t worry about losing files, Google replaces hardware failures so you won’t have to.
  • SHARE SETTINGS- allows you to securely or openly share files to other individuals or groups based off of your needs at the time.
  • Automatically backs up your files worldwide at multiple Google Data Centers…once again… so YOU don’t have to.


GOE: Google Over Everything….but WHY?


  • Well, with the G Suite Business Plan, you get UNLIMITED (or 1TB of storage if fewer than  5 users)- $12 per user per month. 
  • Don’t even mention DropBox in the same conversation as G Suite. DropBox is only storage, not a complete list of Applications like what Google is packing.
  • Essentially, for $12 per month, every photo you have could be securely in the Google Cloud, backed up and ready to share from any device, anywhere in the world.- Other cloud storage services simply don’t compare. Especially with Google’s price point.


Sharing Photos with a client

Image result for google docs share settings gifs


One of the coolest and most innovative things about Google Drive Storage is how it allows you to share files with others in a lot of different ways. You can share it to the whole world, or only one specific person (while the rest of the world would never know). You can share it with users only in your organization or people outside of it… or BOTH! Quite literally a myriad of possibilities for safe, secure sharing all at your fingertips.


For example, what if you want to show your client some photos, but you don’t want them to share with others? You can access the share settings from your Google Drive and make sure that they can’t….you can also go back and change those settings whenever you want- from desktop and mobile devices.



Set Shared Files to Expire

In the share settings, you can also set files to expire for the people you share them with. There are default options of 7 and 30 days, but you can select Custom Date to enter any expiration date you wish. The only drawback is that there is no way to set a specific expiration time. The file will always expire at the time it is shared on the designated date.

Image result for set files to expire google gifs


Online Office Suite

“BUT THAT’S NOT ALL”- Yes Google Cloud Storage is definitely what is going to attract you, a photographer, to G Suite. But what will make you stay is the complete jam packed feature set Google gives you for $12 a month, which we touched on earlier in this post.

  • Google Apps for Work- Docs, Sheets and Slides: Better than Microsoft Office due to real time collaboration
  • A company domain name and email- Each user you pay for gets an account that can have a bunch of different email addresses. Simple to use, organize and separate.
  • Google Forms and Sheets is a wonderful app feature as well, especially if you are a solo photographer trying to keep up with your CRM. You can create custom forms (contact forms, RSVP, Information for photography preferences, etc) then link that form to a spreadsheet that has all the information your customers put in all in one single location for you to collect and use for marketing and customer relationship purposes!


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